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Where to Buy Real HCG Drops? ( Updated 2019)

Where to Buy Real HCG Drops? ( Updated 2019)

Attention: Recently we purchased from every HCG merchant and found that almost every HCG brand is homeopathic. We found that only two merchants sell HCG drops which has a purity of 5000 IUs. We have updated our list of real HCG drops sellers. If you still find any discrepancy in quality then let us know through contact page.

We have filtered some Top HCG Drops Brands. They are

  • High-Grade HCG drops
  • Manufactured within the US
  • FDA approved Lab
  • Follows GMP Manufacturing Practice
  • Priced reasonably

We have compared top HCG drops with regards to their effectiveness, customer service, money back guarantee, refund policies, which brands customers trust, reorder rates and several other factors.

All these factors are jotted down on a chart for easy perusal.

Click the below link to view the chart along with a list of top HCG drops sellers.

Click Here for a list of Real HCG Drops sellers

The real HCG drops can only be and should be purchased from specific merchants and it should be mandatory to double check if they are authentic, natural, legit and 100% pure.

The drops of HCG are drops that are composed of the hormone HCG and you need to take on the tongue. It is found in pregnant women. These drops have been scientifically tested and proven to help with overall weight loss.

Oral administration is an alternative to injections. This is an excellent and cheaper way to lose weight with the hCG diet. It attracts minimum costs. You don’t have to unnecessarily make a trip to your doctor.  You can increase the dose yourself in order to get the wanted results.

Well, The first thing you should know is: buy from sellers based in the USA, the drops that are produced in the US. In this way, you will be sure that the solution you buy is manufactured in accordance with a process approved by the FDA and meets by the highest quality standards.

Secondly, you should only purchase pharmaceutical-grade HCG. It’s the purest kind of HCG.

Where to buy authentic HCG drops?  
You can purchase the drops from registered pharmacies a few high profile retail stores and nowadays easily buy them from eCommerce sites. Buying it online is probably the most convenient way because it has the entire information, you can request for a product by making a few clicks. You can also get all of your questions answered on the official website of the manufacturer.

In 2011, the FDA eliminated several fake manufacturers of HCG drops and demanded everyone else not to put HCG as a component in their drops and if done it has to be clearly expressed. However, a few companies still put homeopathic HCG in their products. That is exactly why you should carefully investigate what you are going to take.

The legitimate drops of the Hcg hormone are of two options: Prescription type and homeopathic type. The actual difference between the two is only the amount of Hcg hormone that is present in the liquid. Find the differences below:

  • Prescription type Hcg drops are the ones that contain a higher amount of Hcg hormones which are even higher than what is present in Hcg injections. This is to compensate for the hormone that is lost during the actual digestion process (also including the process of decomposition of saliva).
  • The homeopathic Hcg drops, contain only a small proportion of the hormone and are designed to function with the “essence” of the Hcg ingredient.

We have created a list of Genuine HCG Drops. Click Here to See It.

Although there may be a small difference in the instructions as to how to administer your drops, the most common and generalized recommendations are:

  • Do not consume food half an hour (30 minutes) BEFORE having your drops;
  • Do not consume food half an hour (30 minutes) AFTER having your drops;
  • Place the Hcg drops under your tongue for about 1-2 minutes for better absorption, and swallow the rest.


How do I take my drops correctly: (What are the number of times should I have my drops?)

Each company, manufacturer, and brand provide their own instruction booklet based on the particular blend. The dosage recommendation is always given based on the user’s medical profile.

The process is generally repeated 2 to 3 times daily which entirely depends on the brand. As per Dr. Simeons, who was the author of the first and the original protocol, this process is generally done for 26 days.  A very specific transition period is designed as to how the drops should be discontinued.

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