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Top Rated HCG Drops (With Reviews)

Top Rated HCG Drops (With Reviews)

3 top rated HCG drops are reviewed in this article.

All these HCG drops are popular in the HCG industry. They are rated the best for several reasons. Each HCG drops will be reviewed and their effectiveness will be considered.

3 Top Rated HCG Diet Drops Are:

  • HCG Triumph
  • HCG Complex
  • NuImage Medical

HCG Triumph

This is an old company. They are selling HCG drops online since 2009. They are even considered as foremost top quality HCG brand.

There are two kits with HCG Triumph. The first kit sells for $99 while the second sells for $155. The first kit is meant for those trying to lose around 15 lbs while the second kit is for those trying to lose 30 lbs.

Currently HCG Triumph is running a 50% Off Offer. This is valid for limited time only.

You might also want to compare HCG Triumph with other top rated HCG drops. Therefore, we have created a comparison chart.

Click here to compare HCG Triumph with HCG complex and NuImage Medical.

HCG Complex

HCG Complex is a powerful HCG drops product. It contains several ingredients within its HCG drop product. Most of them are powerful appetite suppressants.

It also contains some energy boosters. If you have been following the HCG diet then you know how low in energy you can feel at times. Therefore, HCG Complex has added some energy boosters.

In fact it is the only brand that sells such combination of powerful and amazing product.

They also offer 30 day money back guarantee.

Their single bottle costs $69

Click here to compare HCG complex with HCG Triumph and Nuimage Medical.

Nuimage Medical

NuImage Medical sells the highest quality of HCG drops. Their HCG drops are made of 8000 IU. The number indicates highest concentration of HCG particles within their HCG drop bottle.

Like HCG Triumph they have two plans, 26 and 46 day.

Because of their fees they are placed third in this top rated HCG Drops.

Their starting price is $297. This is expensive for most.

But if you consider the quality the price is reasonable. All the above quality of HCG drops cannot compare with Nuimage’s HCG drops’ quality.

Click Here to compare Nuimage Medical with HCG Complex and HCG Triumph.

Hope this article on Top rated HCG diet drops was helpful to you.