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Real HCG Drops
The HCG Drops “Real Not Homeopathic”

The HCG Drops “Real Not Homeopathic”

The HCG Drops which are Real not homeopathic are found only with limited merchants.

Today in this post we are going to look at merchants who sell HCG drops which are 100% real.

Things to Know About HCG Drops Which Are Real Not Homeopathic

I know that you have been lied about HCG Drops. HCG drops that you have previously purchased were homeopathy drops.

If you haven’t purchased yet then you have come to the right place.

But before I could reveal real HCG drops merchants I would like to take this opportunity to educate you about homeopathic drops.

Homeopathic drops are illegal according to FDA. They cost only a dollar to manufacture. However, they are sold for $69 a bottle.

Why Are Homeopathic Drops Sold As Real

You have to understand that merchants themselves do not sell homeopathy drops as real. It is blogger like me who create those confusions.

When these homeopathic drops are promoted by bloggers they earn a commission. Therefore, in their greed to promote homeopathic drops they try to sell it off a real ones.

Why Is It So?

Everyone knows that real HCG drops are effective for HCG Diet.

And Real HCG Drops are expensive. They cost more than $300 per bottle.

Customers when led to believe that $69 per bottle is real HCG drops they tend to buy it.

Unfortunately, the reality about homeopathic drops is shattered only after purchase.

Where to Buy Real HCG Drops Not Homeopathic?

There are only few merchants that sell real hcg drops which are not homeopathic.

In fact, there are only 4 or 5 merchants in the entire US who sell Real HCG Drops.

Among them the best supplier is NuImage Medical.

But as I said earlier their single bottle costs $297 for 26 day program. Their 46 day program on the other hand is priced at $397.

Here is a link to their official website

Here are steps to order from NuImage Medical

  • After visiting their website using above link click on New Patient
  • Then Choose the plan
  • Next choose HCG Drops
  • Skip the part with additional products.
  • Click Next
  • Fill the form which is required to prescribe HCG drops for you.
  • Finally check out.

Note: The HCG drops from NuImage Medical are of superior quality. They are 8000 IUs. No other brand sells HCG drops which are as pure as NuImage Medical.

P.S. NuImage Medical doesn’t just sells you HCG drops. They prescribe your HCG drops. Therefore, what you get is a prescription HCG Drops.

Official website of NuImage Medical

If you think the price is high then you are more than welcome to view our list of real HCG drops.