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The Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss

The Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss

Which is the best HCG drops for weight loss? This is the most common question amongst HCG Dieters. Today we will answer this question without any bias. Our answer will help you determine which HCG drops lose most weight for the least price.

The Experiment to Find Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss

For the purpose of this experiment we wanted to try three top HCG drops. They are:

  • HCG Complex
  • HCG Triumph and
  • Nuimage Medical

We purchased single bottle of HCG drops from each merchant. All of them were received in 5 days time. The package and instruction manual were all equally excellent and informative.

Finding the best HCG drops for weight loss

Note: For each kind of HCG bottle we gave only a week’s time. Considering the amount of weight loss per week, the estimated weight loss per month was calculated.

Before we can discuss the general weight loss, it is better to discuss other factors like taste, energy levels during the diet and other miscellanous factors.

The Taste of HCG Drops

Mostly Nuimage Medical was taste less. HCG Triumph and HCG Complex on the other hand were slightly salty. Actually we, couldn’t describe the tastes accurately. You will have to taste it for yourself to know it.

There is no issue here. Anyone can withstand the taste.

Energy Levels

When we were with Nuimage Medical the energy levels were lowest compared to HCG Complex and HCG Triumph. The HCG brand which gave the most energy during the one week regime was HCG Complex.

We did some research and found that HCG Complex contains energy boosters within their drops. So that was a bonus.

note: The HCG diet regime can make you tired and this can lead to straying away from the regime.

There were other miscellaneous factors but they are not vital for this experiment.

Amount of Weight Lost Using Each HCG Brand

HCG Triumph helped to lose 3.5 pounds per week

HCG Complex helped to lose 3 pounds per week.

NuImage Medical helped lose 4.5 pounds per week.

Obviously NuImage Medical is our winner.

But There is One Problem with NuImage Medical

You see the cost of a single bottle of Nuimage medical HCG drop is $297. Compare that to $99 for HCG Triumph and that makes Nuimage Medical 3x more expensive than HCG Triumph.

In other words, you can lose three times more weight with HCG Triumph than you would lose with Nuimage Medical.

Let’s do some math here. The amount of weight lost per month using HCG Triumph is 14 lbs (considering 3.5 lbs per week) for $99.

NuImage medical helps lose 18 lbs per month for $300.

But for $300 you can lose (if using HCG Triumph) 42 lbs in three months time.

The Take Away of Which is Really Best HCG Drop For Weight loss

If you are in a hurry to lose weight and have the necessary budget buy from Nuimage medical.

If not, buy from HCG Triumph.

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We ignored HCG Complex as it resulted in the least weight loss among all three. However, their single bottle sells for $69 only. You can try it if you are very budget constrained. You can also get 50% Off. Click here to compare HCG Complex with other merchants.

Disclaimer: The results mentioned above are personal and we cannot guarantee that you will have the same result. Your result will differ.