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Pharmaceutical HCG Drops (8000 IUs of HCG Drops)

Pharmaceutical HCG Drops (8000 IUs of HCG Drops)

8000 IUs Pharmaceutical HCG Drops

Pharmaceutical HCG Drops are drops with medical grade HCG quality. They contain highest purity of HCG. There is no dilution and no additives.

In this post, we will provide with information of the only seller which sells HCG drops with 8000 IUs. This is the highest quality you will ever get.

However, you must be aware of an ongoing scam by HCG merchants. They will try selling their product in the name of pharmaceutical HCG drops.

The Scam of Pharmaceutical HCG Drops

Several online retailers promise pharmaceutical HCG drops. Unfortunately, their scheme is no less than scam.

If you take a look at their labels the HCG amount is present in multiples. For example, you will notice x12 HCG or x6 HCG. This indicates HCG’s dilution with water.

Using the above label sign these merchants promise you a daily dose of 200 IUs HCG. Remember, you only get 200 IUs of HCG with 10 to 20 drops. It’s a dirty secret followed by these HCG merchants.

Even worse, there won’t be any label available for you to peruse. Only after purchase, you will know that you have been duped. Their refund policies are ridiculous. They require that you bore the return cost + package. In the end, you keep the product.

So Where to Buy Pharmaceutical HCG Drops?

There are maximum 4 or 5 sellers online (in the entire US) who sell pharmaceutical grade HCG drops. And among them the best is

Here are some reasons why they are best

  1. Nuimage Medical is approved by FDA. Kindly note that when other merchants mention that their lab is approved by FDA it only means that their manufacturing lab is FDA approved not their business. In this case, the entire business of NuImage Medical is approved by FDA along with their lab.
  2. Their pharmaceutical HCG drops are prescription HCG drops. Did you that it is illegal to sell pharmaceutical HCG drops in the US? The FDA came heavy on several online merchants who sold pharmaceutical HCG drops. Most of them have closed their business. Nuimage Medical on the other hand prescribes you Pharmaceutical grade HCG drops through licensed physicians which is 100% legal.
  3. NuImage Medical’s HCG drops are potent. The HCG drops that Nuimage Medical sell are 8000 IUs. You will never find another brand selling Pharmaceutical HCG drops potent as NuImage Medical.
  4. You get the option of choosing HCG Injections, HCG Pellets or HCG drops. I know you are searching for HCG drops but its good to have some options, just in case.
  5. NuImage Medical provides HCG diet plan of 26 and 46 day. Other merchants who sell pharmaceutical HCG drops do not provide such options. This makes NuImage Medical the only merchant selling pharmaceutical hcg drops which provides HCG Diet Plans.
  6. Finally, they provide support (email & phone) till the end of their plan.

Unfortunately. ordering pharmaceutical HCG drops from NuImage Medical requires filling up of a small form.

As you know they are registered by FDA and they only provide prescription HCG drops, they are required by law to know about their patient’s medical history.

For this reason when you order from Nuimage Medical you will have to spend an extra minute to fill your medical history.

Here’s How to Order Pharmaceutical HCG drops from NuImage Medical


click on ‘New Patient’

Then choose from 26 or 46 Day plan.

Two plans of NuImage medical

Then You will have the option of choosing HCG Injections, HCG pellets (tablets) and HCG drops. Choose HCG drops.

Choose HCG Injections, HCG pellets or HCG drops

Next you will be shown extra products. They are optional. Skip them.

Scroll down and click next.

Finally, you will be taken to a form. Fill it and you are good to go.

NuImage Medical’s Pharmaceutical HCG Drops are $297

NuImage Medical’s plan and their respective prices

It is worth mentioning that NuImage Medical’s pharmaceutical HCG drops costs $297 (for 26 day plan).

This might seem expensive but its not. Consider the quality of HCG drops along with no legal hassle. In fact, it is reasonably priced.

However, if you still feel its over priced then kindly take a look at our list of real HCG drops.

Click here for a list of real HCG drops.

Note: The HCG drops mentioned in the list does contain HCG hormone. However, they won’t be as pure as NuImage Medical.