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Nu Image Medical Review

This is a short review of the most superior HCG brand called Nu Image medical. 

Nu Image Medical is a telemedicine weight loss provider. 

Telemedicine is the use of information technology like videos and emails to assist people with their weight loss goals. 

It is located in Tampa, Florida. 

In fact, this is the only HCG weight loss brand that provides 24/7 medical support. Therefore, if there is any emergency there will be professional and licensed doctors coming to your aid. 

What do they Provide?

If you are looking to lose weight with the HCG diet then they are the best. They provide HCG injections, HCG pellets and HCG drops. The choice is yours. However, we prefer the HCG injections. 

Their program comes in two categories. One is the 26 day program and the other is 46 day program. ‘

If you are looking to lose around 15 lbs then 26 day program is suitable. On the other hand, if you are looking to lose more than 15 lbs then 46 day program is suitable. 

What is the quality of their HCG hormone?

Nu image Medical is a regulated firm. And they sell the most superior quality of HCG Hormone. 

Just to give a hint on their quality of HCG hormone, the HCG hormone consists of 8000 IU. We bet that you will never find such high-quality HCG hormone anywhere else. 

What else Do they Offer?

They provide 24 hours medical support through their licensed staff. 

You have the option to choose, how do you want support. You can have email or phone support. You will also be guided through video conferecnes. 

This support is provided throughout the period of weight loss. 

Note: The HCg hormone is provided through a licensed physician. This is kind of prescription HCG hormone. However, you don’t have to visit their hospital. You can order through their online protal 

How Much Does it Cost?

The 26 day program costs $297 while the 46 day program costs $397. Their program is of course expensive. 

Considering the prescrition, high quality hormone and the medical support the price is reasonable enough.

If you are interested click below button to visit their official website.