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Real HCG Drops
HCG Drops With Real Hormone (100% Real HCG)

HCG Drops With Real Hormone (100% Real HCG)

We have a list of HCG drops with real HCG hormone which are 100% Real HCG.

Today, its difficult to find HCG drops which are real. Online merchants in the hope of making more bucks are duping people like us with homeopathic drops in the name of Real HCG.

HCG Drops With Real Hormone

There are only two merchants selling HCG drops with real Hormone.

They are:

  • NuImage Medical and
  • HCG Triumph

NuImage Medical

NuImage Medical is a prescription based HCG supplier. They have superior quality HCG drops. Their HCG drops are 8000 IUs which you won’t find with any other seller out there.

Their business and lab are both FDA approved.

They have licensed physicians from the US to prescribe HCG drops.

Moreover, they have two HCG diet plans for weight loss. One is 26 day plan and the other is 46 plan. If you are looking to lose 15 lbs then choose the 26 day plan. However, if are looking to lose around 25 lbs then choose the 46 day plan.

It is important to note that you also have the option of choosing from HCG injections, HCG pellets and HCG drops.

Since, the HCG drops are prescribed, you are asked to fill a short form. This is sort of your personal medical history.

Only when you meet their requirements are you allowed to order.

Note: Their 26 day plan costs $297 while 46 day plan costs $397

If interested please visit their website at

HCG Triumph

The next best option is HCG triumph.

HCG triumph is an online seller of Real HCG drops. Their single bottle is enough to lose around 20 lbs per month (if you follow the diet strictly).

However, their HCG drops are not as strong as NuImage Medical.

But this hasn’t stopped many from losing weight using HCG Triumph.

They have two types of kit. The first kit is priced at $99. This is meant for those looking to lose 15-30 lbs. The second kit is priced at $155 and meant for those looking to lose 30-45 lbs.

If you think Nuimage Medical’s plan are expensive then choose HCG Triumph.

The good news is that HCG Triumph are running a 50% Off Discount.

Here is a link to HCG triumph’s website

P.S: There are several HCG brands selling their HCG drops as HCG drops with Real Hormone and Pure. We have a list of real HCG drops and homeopathic HCG drops here. If interested please check. Ignorance is never bliss at least not when it comes to your health.