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Buying HCG Drops? You Are About to Get Cheated. Here’s Why?

I know you are into HCG diet, or else you won’t be reading this article. And, I also know that you are about to purchase a new HCG drop bottle.

Here’s the thing, you are about to get cheated in the deal.


Let me explain in a second.

First, let me tell you the real story of the HCG Diet.

If you didn’t know about HCG drops then you would probably like to know that it is vital to have pure HCG drops for your HCG diet weight loss. The homeopathy version is crap. It won’t even help in losing a single ounce.

Therefore, you need a real HCG drop for weight loss.

Now, if you search for real HCG drops there are loads of websites out there that will vouch that their HCG drops are the purest form of all.

Which is not.

I am not exactly sure as to why they are lying. And I am not sure how they get away with lying about the purity of a product. Hell, if someone was selling a milk which contained no milk at all he would be jailed. But this is not the case with HCG diet.

This is probably because there is no Police or FDA regulated on the website. But I have seen several HCG diet websites being brought down by the FDA and several websites served notices to fake advertising of HCG diet-related products.

Coming to our question. The HCG drops are not pure no matter where you search. And it’s only after searching for a hard time will you find an HCG drops product that really is worth your money.

However, there is an easy way to find HCG drops that are pure and real. There is a site called HCG Police which reviews HCG drops.

This site reviews all HCG drops products. They have compiled a list of HCG drops that are pure and real. Frankly, I am not sure how pure they are but have heard some good news about this site.

When you go to the site there are three HCG drops brand listed on the front of their homepage. They say that his three HCG drops are best among all the brands online. They have also provided some rankings for these three HCG brands.

The rankings are not constant and they vary from time to time depending upon the votes visitors place on the brands.

For instance, the last HCG complex was ranked #1. But when I sent them an email stating that HCG complex isn’t a real HCG drop but homeopathy one they brought HCG complex’s ranking down.

Now, HCG triumph is ranked #1 and Nuimage Medical as second.

For me, this sites seems genuine enough to trust their decisions.

Final words: Get to this review site and search for the HCG brand which you are about to buy. Read what they have to say and then decide. If you have no HCG drop brands in mind then got by their top 3 recommendations.