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Best HCG Drops – Most Effective HCG Drop

Best HCG drops are the ones which result in maximum weight loss. 

In this post we are going to look at top HCG drops brands. We will also shed some light on their effectiveness with a short review. 

Here is a List of Best HCG Drops Brands

We have listed these brands according to their effectiveness. 

Please note that all these HCG brands mentioned here are manufactured in the US within FDA approved Lab following Good Manufacturing Practice. 

#1 HCG Complex

HCG Complex is the Most Effective HCG Brand

We have ranked HCG Complex as the Best HCG Drops Brand for several reasons. Some are:

  • They are a powerful combination of several appetite suppressants and energy booster. Therefore, you lose most weight and never get hungry.
  • There are zero side effects. With some other brands of HCG there are minor side effects like headache, nausea and mild diarrhea. However, with HCG Complex there are no such issues. It is completely safe to use. 
  • HCG Complex is less expensive compared to other HCG brands. Other HCG brands charge you no less than $100 for a single bottle of HCG. HCG Complex, however, charges only $69 which is way lesser than other brands. 
  • HCG Complex runs year round offers. At the time of this writing, they were running a 50% Discount offer for new customers only. However, the offer might vary when you visit their website. 
  • HCG Complex helps lose 0.5 to 1.5 pounds per day.
  • And several reasons why HCG Complex is Best HCG Drops Brand. 

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#2 HCG Triumph

The next best HCG Brand – HCG Triumph

The next best HCG Brand in our list is HCG Triumph. Below are the reasons as to why its Best and second to only HCG Complex. 

  • HCG Triumph is the brand created by They are the pioneers of HCG Drops. In short, they were the first HCG drop company to create HCG drops for weight loss in the 21st century. 
  • Their drops are superior to HCG Complex. However, the only difference is that they do not contain any appetite suppressants or energy boosters, unlike HCG Complex. 
  • HCg Triumph helps lose more than 1 pound per day.  
  • HCG Tirumph’s single bottle costs $99. This the reason why we have ranked it #2. Otherwise, it is everything that HCG Complex is. 

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#3 NuImage Medical

the most expensive HCG brand!

Just because we have placed NuImage Medical in the third rank, it doesn’t mean it is less effective than other HCG brands. Here is one of the most important reason as to why we placed NuImage Medical as third – it is highly expensive. A single bottle costs $300. 

  • They are highly effective HCG brand for one reason, their HCG drops are of medical grade (pharmaceutical HCG drops)
  • NuImage Medical drops sells prescription HCG drops. In other words you require a prescription to get their HCG drops. 
  • Their HCG drops is 8000 IU. This is the highest quality of HCG drop that we have ever seen. 
  • NuImage Medical provides medical support throughout the period of HCG Diet. You can get either email or phone support depending upon the plan you choose. 
  • Support is provided through licensed physicians. 
  • They have two plans 26 day program and 46 day program. Each costs $300 and $400 respectively. 
  • You can lose anywhere betweeen 15 lbs to 30 lbs using their two pl

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This was our list of best HCG drops brands. Visit each HCG drops website and peruse in detail and then make your decision. 

Important: Purchase only through these websites. Do not fall prey to other fake HCG drops websites. They do more harm than good.