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Hi, my name is Jeanne Claude. I live in Florida, the sunshine city.

I am newly married and live a wonderful life. However, it wasn’t the same in the past.

I was overweight and suffered from emotional eating. No matter what diet I tried losing weight was almost impossible.

Even if I did lose weight it came back as soon I stopped the diet.

Then I heard about HCG Diet.

I was taken aback by the low calorie. I though it was impossible to sustain on such drastically low calories.

But then I met with few people who proved me wrong. They had their own suspicions before starting the diet. However, it wasn’t dangerous or even life threatening as they had expected.

So, I jumped into the HCG diet. And in just a couple of weeks I was looking and feeling great.

That lazy feeling after you have a meal was simply not present. I was active throughout the day 24×7. No afternoon naps. And I slept like a baby and woke up fresh as new.

HCG diet changed my life.

And I am here to change yours with my blog.

To Your Health!