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10 Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss (With Reviews)

Finding best HCG drops for weight loss is hard. Three years back it was for me. I struggled in finding the one which led to maximum weight loss.

All these years of following the HCG diet, I have purchased more than 20 different brands of HCG drops. Among these HCG drops, only 10 are worth notable.

I have reviewed these 10 HCG drops. They are best for weight loss.

As per the results, I achieved, these HCG Drops are ranked accordingly.

Note: You might achieve different results.

Top 10 Best HCG Drops For Weight Loss

#1 HCG Triumph

Second best brand for maximum weight loss is HCG Triumph.

HCG Triumph is the oldest brand. It was started somewhere in 2007.

Their products are FDA complaint and manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Their website is secure and safe.

When I purchased HCG Drops it was delivered in 2 days. It is one day faster compared to Complex Diet Drops.

With the package I received one Vitmain B12 bottle (1 oz), a measuring tape and a PDF guide on HCG Diet.

Their bottle is attractive with brown shade.

I purchased the trial bottle which would last for 26 days according to them. However, it lasted only for 15 days.

I lost 5 lbs which is good considering the timeline. If I had purchased one month’s package then I would have lost 10 lbs.

They don’t have a live chat system. However, they do have a toll free number to call. Again, I feel any business must have a live chat system.

Only issue is that their trial bottle costs $99 and one month’s supply costs $155. Their pricing structure is high compared to Complex Diet Drops $69 per bottle.

Add the Buy One Get One Free Offer from Complex Diet Drops (i.e two bottles for $69) Complex Diet Drops becomes an attractive choice. Hence, the reason why we chose Complex Diet Drops as #1.

However, HCG Triumph isn’t less in quality compared to Complex Diet Drops. Therefore, if you still wish to try HCG Triumph then click on the below link.

Click Here to Visit Official site of HCG Triumph.

#3 NuImage Medical

The number 3 HCG Brand is NuImage Medical.

These are not your usual HCG Drops. They are high grade prescription drops.

Before ordering, you will have to provide medical history. Only after approval, will you receive HCG.

Here’s a fact: Most applications are rejected. They will analyze your answers and only if they deem you require HCG will your application be approved.

Fortunately, my application was approved.

I had the option of choosing HCG Injections. HCG Drops and HCG Pellets.

Of course, I chose HCG Drops.

There were two plans. One was the 26 day plan which is $300 and the other 46 day which is $400.

Yes, I know the prices are high. But for the sake of reviewing I chose the former package of $300.

It took them 48 hours to approve my application.

And another 72 hours for delivering the order.

All in all, it took them 5 days to deliver the product.

Package was neatly packed and in it contained HCG powder.

I wasn’t sure how to use it. Then some search on YouTube showed to mix the powder along with the water provided. So I mixed as per the direction.

And I ended up with a solution of HCG.

The next thing I found out myself that the solution needs to be refrigerated immediately. And I had already kept the solution out for two days. Anyways, I started refrigerating after two days.

I had several doubts. All of them were answers through their live support. Now, this s really an added advantage.

During business hours you can talk with their physicians on the phone. You also have access to video chat.

I guess with $300 for one month you are entitled for these perks.

Fast forward after 30 days.

I had lost 15 lbs. This was highest of all other HCG brands.

Probably the weight loss occurred because of prescription grade HCG quality.

However, one needs to factor the price. $300 for 26 is expensive.

I would suggest you choose Complex Diet Drops or HCG Triumph.

However, if you are interested in NuImage Medical Click Here to visit their website.

#4 HCG Plus Drops

Next on our list is HCG Plus Drops.

I have seen this company’s website frequently appearing on search results. Upon doing a quick search I found they have no contact or company address.

Everything looks a bit odd.

Their website states they provide 200 IU of real HCG drops. I trusted their claim and order a bottle.

I received the package in five days.

Everything was fine.

However, when I checked their label there was no mention of Real HCG Drops.

Now, since there wasn’t any contact info available I couldn’t reach them.

I couldn’t even ask for a refund!

I wish they had some sort of contact information present for their customers to reach.

Their website is

#5 Bottled HCG Diet

Their website is similar to HCG Plus drops. Even their HCG bottle looks the same.

Contact information, or any physical address is not available. Just like HCG Plus Drops.

Upon receiving the bottle I found that they are one and the same. It is being run by one company or person.

A nice tactic to cut down competition.

#6 Nigen Biotech

This was the go to HCG drop for most HCG Dieters. Unfortunately, it dropped down from its popularity and no one even knows the presence of this brand.

Nigen Biotech could be purchased on their official website. But now its impossible.

However, Nigen Biotech is sold on and Walmart. You can easily get one from there.

The main selling point of Nigen Biotech was that it’s a real HCG drop. Like NuImage Medical.

#7 HCG 1234

Like Nigen Biotech HCG 1234 was also a popular HCG Drop. For some reason it too lost its popularity in the HCG Market.

Before I became a follower of Complex Diet Drops I preferred HCG 1234. This was my favorite HCG brand then.

It costs $69 per bottle, the same cost as Complex Diet Drops.

When I used HCG 1234 I used to lose 7.5 lbs per month. This was great for me. I would follow all the HCG phases, take rest for a couple of months and would get back to losing weight.

The only drawback that I see with HCG 1234 is that they don’t have any kind of support.

Moreover, getting a response from them took me more than 48 hours. In today’s competitiveness such response rate is considered mediocre.

Three years back their single bottle used to cost $69. Unfortunately, today they have priced it at $119.

#8 Official HCG Diet Drops

This brand seems to a reseller. I am not sure though.

The reason I consider them as a reseller is because of their brand name. Their brand name is too generic.

I decided to purchase from them when I noticed list of weight loss supplements being sold on their website.

In my eyes they lost all authority as a HCG merchant.

And here comes the worst part, they do not accept most payment solutions like Mastercard, Visa and Amex. They only accept direct deposit to bank account in California.

During checkout you will regret trying to purchase from them.

#9 Omni Diet Drops

This is a popular best HCG Drops on Amazon. Many purchase it in the hopes of losing weight with HCG Diet program.

This HCG drop has 62 reviews on Amazon.

And most of the reviews are positive. Only few are negative. This shows the power of Omni Drops.

However, they are priced on the expensive side. A single bottle of Omni HCG Drops costs $90 on Amazon. Add the shipping cost to it and a single bottle of HCG comes at $100.

Most importantly there is no promise of weight loss. So you don’t know how much weight you will lose with Omni Drops.

#10 Real HCG Hormone Drops

Finally, we come to our last contender.

Just because it is lasted in the end it doesn’t mean it lesser in quality compared to all others listed above.

This is a reputable HCG brand. The sell (or should I say recommend) HCG drops of higher quality.

This is run by a nutritionist. Hence, you can be rest assured that the HCG drops will be of higher quality.

For more information visit Real HCG Hormone Drops.

There you have it, the top 10 best hcg drops for weight loss. If I were you, I would choose only from top 3. There is a reason as to why I have ranked them in an order.

However, you are free to choose any HCG drop according to your wish.

If you find any discrepancy please do not hesitate to contact me through the comment section.