List of Real HCG Drops Brands

It’s shocking to know that most HCG drops brands out there are fake. They are homeopathic and are still sold as real ones.

This is duping people in daylight. And most unfortunate is bloggers like me are still pushing these homeopathic drops as real.

When I did a little digging I found out that these homeopathic brands paid hefty commissions to people like us for promotion. Hence, in the name of promotion fake HCG drops are being sold as real.

Before we can get into the list of Real HCG drops, Here is a list of fake HCG drops.

  1. HCG complex – homeopathic
  2. Pounds and Inches – homeopathic
  3. Easy HCG – homeopathic
  4. Nigen Drops – homeopathic (or out of business for now)
  5. Amino drops – homeopathic
  6. Better than HCG – homeopathic
  7. Official HCG diet drops – homeopathic
  8. Anumed – homeopathic

and the list goes on.

There is only one brand that sells genuine/ real/ pure HCG drops. They are called as HCG Triumph.

They are in business since 2009 and until now they haven’t been warned by the FDA or had any trouble with their business. But other companies either received warning letters and changed their brand name or went out of business.

Therefore, if you are looking for real HCG drops then I strongly recommend HCG Triumph.

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