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List of Real HCG Drops Brands

It’s shocking to know that most HCG drops brands out there are fake. They are homeopathic and are still sold as real ones.

This is duping people in daylight. And most unfortunate is bloggers like me are still pushing these homeopathic drops as real.

When I did a little digging I found out that these homeopathic brands paid hefty commissions to people like us for promotion. Hence, in the name of promotion fake HCG drops are being sold as real.

Before we can get into the list of Real HCG drops, Here is a list of fake HCG drops.

  1. HCG Complex (homeopathic)
  2. HCG Triumph (homeopathic)
  3. Pounds and Inches – homeopathic
  4. Easy HCG – homeopathic
  5. Nigen Drops – homeopathic (or out of business for now)
  6. Amino drops – homeopathic
  7. Better than HCG – homeopathic
  8. Official HCG diet drops – homeopathic
  9. Anumed – homeopathic

and the list goes on.

Only Two Brands Sell Pure HCG Drops

There are two places (that we have found so far) which sells PURE HCG.

They Are:

  1. HCG Drops Pure &
  2. NuImage Medical

HCG Drops Pure:

HCG Drops Pure is run by some HCG dieters themselves. They wanted to solve the problem of finding real HCG drops. Hence, it seems that they have found a supplier of their own.

Their HCG Drops are 5000 IUs and costs $99 for 23 day kit.

Their official website is

HCG Drops Pure has 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t receive the promised quality you get a FULL REFUND.

NuImage Medical

NuImage Medical is a telemedicine, sort of online pharmacy. They sell HCG drops of 5000 IUs which is similar in quality to HCG Drops Pure.

However, their starting price for 26 day kit is $299 (three times the cost of HCG Drops Pure)

Their official website is

Which To Choose:

If budget is not an issue and you want the best for your HCG Diet then choose NuImage Medical. You will get email and phone support too.

However, if you are short on budget then HCG Drops Pure is your choice.