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HCG Triumph Vs HCG Complex Vs NuImage Medical Comparison

HCG Triumph is the most cost-effective HCG drops. It is cheap with high-quality product. The drops’ quality is not equal to that of Nuimage Medical. If you are looking HCG drops on a budget then try HCG Triumph. Their official website is

HCG Complex – This HCG drop is homeopathic in composition. It does not contain even a single drop of HCG hormone. However, previously it did contain Real HCG. Basically, this is homeopathic HCG drops. Here is a link to their official website

NuImage medical – This is the only merchant that sells high-quality HCG drops. Their drops are 8000 IUs which is the top quality in the entire industry. The reason we have ranked them 3rd because of their cost. Their starting price is $297. If interested visit their website at www,