HCG Drops Reviews | See Which Resulted In Maximum Weight Loss

This is HCG Drops reviews of more than 10 HCG drops while on HCG Diet. Each HCG drop brand was used for a week. We have journaled our experience.

Writing the entire experience will turn into an exhaustive read. To keep things simple we are adding experiences of significance only.

Here’s Our HCG Drops Reviews of Brands Worth Considering

First HCG brand worth considering is NuImage Medical.

It isn’t easy to order HCG drops from them. You need to provide a medical history. Then they will consider your case. If you are fit enough then your order is delivered. If not your money is refunded.

Ordering HCG drops is little confusing.

When you click on the enroll now button ( which you will find on top right corner of their website) you will have the option to choose two programs.

One is 26 day and the other is 46. After choosing the program you will have another option of choosing from HCG Injections, HCG Pellets or HCG Drops. 

And finally, you will have to fill some medical information about yourself.

Fast forwarding, we received the bottle in two days. Kudos to shipping.

Using the HCG Drops from NuImage Medical:

We followed the 1200 calorie diet. Everything was great for the first two days.

After the third day, the hunger pangs were stronger. This is common. It usually subsides in a day or two.

We kept on for an entire week.

This is our result:

  • The drops are of superior quality. You cannot find the same quality any where else.
  • You will get hunger pangs which will subside in a day.
  • We lost 3 lbs a week which is the normal amount of weight loss.
  • Around the third day, the body felt tired. We were unable to do any brisk activity. Probably due to the lack of carbs in the system.
  • We also started to crave for carbs.

All in all, we were happy with the weight loss. 

But its worth mentioning that a single bottle of NuImage HCG Drops cost $297 for the 26 day program.

The increased price is due to the drops high quality. We also think it might be expensive because this is a prescribed medicine.

 This brings to our Second HCG Drops, HCG Complex.

HCG Complex is a popular brand.

Ordering was easy and we received the HCG bottle in 5 days. Wish they could speed up delivery.

When we received the bottle it was nicely packed. 

We immediately put HCG Complex to test.

As mentioned on their website we used 10 to 15 drops thrice per day. We followed the 1200 calorie diet (same as Nuimage Medical).

This is what we noticed after a week of usage:

  • We were shocked to notice that we didn’t get the usual hunger pangs. We noticed hunger pangs with every HCG drop brand we tested. But HCG Complex was different. We aren’t sure why. Maybe it has to do some with some ingredients present in the HCG Complex drops.
  • The weakness we experienced with NuImage Medical drops wasn’t there too.
  • However, we did crave for carbs in the sixth day. Unfortunately, as we ended our test on the 7th day we couldn’t say more about the craving.
  • Most importantly we lost 3 lbs in a week.

If you notice the amount of weight loss is the same compared with NuImage Medical.

Major differences are the hunger pangs and tiredness. When emailed their support team we found that HCG Complex drops have energy boosters and appetite suppressants. Therefore, it helps with to stick with the low-calorie diet.

Cost of HCG Complex is $69 only. This is way cheaper compared to NuImade Medical.

The Final Verdict

This is HCG drops reviews final verdict.

We have reviewed HCG Triumph, Pounds and Inches, HCG Plus Drops, Xtreme HC drops, Bottled HCG Drops and several others.

Only NuImade Medical and HCG Complex are really worth your money.

You can choose any among them. The choice is Yours.

But if you ask us we will choose HCG Complex. It is way cheaper and works well with HCG Diet.

HCG Complex’s Official Website https://hcgcomplexdiet.com/

NuImage Medical Official Website https://nuimagemedical.com/

Disclaimer: We are required by law to state that HCG isn’t a weight loss supplement. The above information should not be constituted as medical advice. It is presented for educational purpose only. Kindly consult with your physician before making any health-related decision. 

Things you need to know about HCG drops

When compared to any other weight loss programs, the HCG diet program is totally different. Actually, the HCG hormone can be assumed to help in preventing the loss of lean tissue during dieting and also in boost up the metabolic rates that help to prevent hunger. Usually, this HCG hormone can cause some reactions in the hypothalamus gland that becomes a part of the brain, which controls hunger. However, this hypothalamus can trigger to reset the metabolism, increasing energy levels, improving fat burning and also minimizing the hunger feeling. According to the scientific results, the HCG hormone is available only by prescription. Instead, the HCG drops can also be developed over an advanced technique with some ingredients, which imitate the metabolic effects of hormonal HCG.

How does hcg drops work? Actually, the HCG hormone is a pro-hormone that supports your body to deliver many hormones. According to the patient report, the HCG drops can decrease the feelings of hunger and also allow the users to be satisfied, when consume a very low quantity of food. Now, there are two types of HCG drops available such as prescription HCG drops and homeopathic HCG drops. Below are the breakdowns of both HCG drops that include:

Prescription HCG drops

  • It is only available by prescription
  • It consists of 5000 iu synthetic HCG hormone
  • Its cost is quite expensive around $400 for 46 day plan
  • Most of the online retailers provide tele-consultations to get access to prescription HCG

Homeopathic HCG drops

  • It is available over the counter
  • It consists of extremely diluted quantity of HCG and amino acids
  • Its cost is very cheap around $30 to $70 for 40 day supply
  • Its ingredients are much diluted, they are considered as zero amounts of listed ingredients
  • Some homeopathic diet drops consist of herbs and amino acids, which are said to trigger the similar response as HCG, but has no exact HCG hormone at all

Does HCG drop work?

According to clinical studies, the HCG drops or any other forms of HCG such as pills or sprays have several beneficial effects. After all, the HCG drops do not contain HCG significantly. Today, many people can take HCG drops for dramatic weight loss with a higher percentage of lost muscle tissue. This would slow down the metabolism and the dieter can regains weight continuously. They also regain the lost weight and some extra pounds as soon as possible.

Benefits of using HCG drops

Presently, the HCG supplements are commonly used by both men and women who need to lose weight without compromising the lean tissue in a process. But many of them don’t know how does hcg drops work. Naturally, these HCG drops allow the body to metabolize the stored fat more effectively that can be used for energy, especially if the dieter has trying to weight loss. However, the use of HCG hormone has been highly recommended by several weight loss doctors in all over the globe. Another report suggests that the benefit of consuming HCG hormone is a testosterone boost.

Detailed information about hcg drops

Human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone which is produced by the woman’s body after egg becomes implanted and fertilized in womb because some pregnancy hormone level test could be designed to check for presence of hcg hormone. If you are suffering from obesity related problems then hcg drop is the best choice because it has only natural and safe ingredients like niacin, L-Ornithine, Maca, Rhodiola, Pygeum Africanum and beta alanine. Recommended dosage amount of the hcg drop might vary from 1 to 30 drop based on the manufacturer. When it comes to the hcg nutritional values then it includes protein, calories, vitamins and nutrients.

Surprising uses of hcg drops

The main use of the hcg drops is that weight loss and massive numbers of the reasons are there to use hcg drops such as absolutely free from the hormones, based on the hcg diet protocol, improve weight loss radically and safe to use. In case you are having question about what is hcg drops then it is the hormone which is produced by women during pregnancy. If you are using lowest dosage of hcg drops then you can get excellent numbers of the benefits like

  • Maintain very low calorie diet
  • Metabolism booster
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Verified components
  • Natural hcg hormone
  • Quick way to lose weight

It can encourage hormonal balance in body and hcg drops is most important to maintain healthy level of the testosterone in body. Losing weight is considered as difficult task but using hcg drops, you might have easy and quickest ways to get rid of from stubborn fats. It might restrict muscle mass loss because of low calorie which is useful to get your weight loss goals. According to the studies say that hcg liquid and pills could be purchased as the weight loss supplement. If you are a pregnant woman or allergic of the hcg ingredients then you must not use hcg drops because it might produce some side effects such as depression, restlessness, fluid buildup, fatigue, blood clots. Before you plan to use hcg drops, you must consult with your health professional because they can know about your health conditions. If you are using branded hcg drops then you can get useful benefits such as hit stubborn fat, quick results, maintain weight off, attack stubborn dumps and slight to no hunger.

Things to know about hcg drops

In a modern world most of the people are searching for the best solution to weight loss and lead healthy lifestyle. Using hcg drop is one of the best ways to reduce your excess weight. HCG diet might involve low calorie plan. It is having excellent capability to melt down flabby flat deposits, drop bulging waistline, build muscles, improve energy levels, enhance healthy eating habits and lower unhealthy food cravings. HCG diet drop is effective one because of its active ingredients which includes vitamin B12, Carnitine, arginine and acid l-leucine plus. People can buy this wonderful weight loss supplement in online at lowest price.