List of Real HCG Drops Brands

Here is a List of Top HCG Drop Brands.

We have ranked them according to their effectiveness. Visit their official websites and make your own decision. We recommend HCG Complex but the choice is yours.

#1 HCG Complex (Link to Official Site)

This is a great retailer. They sell professional grade drops. Their single bottles start at just $69. Currently, they are running an offer of 50% Discount. Rush and get the offer while it’s still available. 

#2 HCG Triumph (Link to Official Site)

HCG Triumph sells real HCG Hormones. However, their single bottles starts at $99. However, they too are running a limited time offer of But One and Get One Free. Visit their website if you are interested. 

#3 Nuimage Medical (Link to Official Site)

Nuimage Medical sells superior quality HCG drops. However, they are expensive. Their single bottle of HCG drops costs $300. But they provide medical support 24×7. Therefore, if you are looking for medical support on the HCG Diet consider this retailer.