Buying HCG Drops? You Are About to Get Cheated. Here’s Why?

I know you are into HCG diet, or else you won’t be reading this article. And, I also know that you are about to purchase a new HCG drop bottle.

Here’s the thing, you are about to get cheated in the deal.


Let me explain in a second.

First, let me tell you the real story of the HCG Diet.

If you didn’t know about HCG drops then you would probably like to know that it is vital to have pure HCG drops for your HCG diet weight loss. The homeopathy version is crap. It won’t even help in losing a single ounce.

Therefore, you need a real HCG drop for weight loss.

Now, if you search for real HCG drops there are loads of websites out there that will vouch that their HCG drops are the purest form of all.

Which is not.

I am not exactly sure as to why they are lying. And I am not sure how they get away with lying about the purity of a product. Hell, if someone was selling a milk which contained no milk at all he would be jailed. But this is not the case with HCG diet.

This is probably because there is no Police or FDA regulated on the website. But I have seen several HCG diet websites being brought down by the FDA and several websites served notices to fake advertising of HCG diet-related products.

Coming to our question. The HCG drops are not pure no matter where you search. And it’s only after searching for a hard time will you find an HCG drops product that really is worth your money.

However, there is an easy way to find HCG drops that are pure and real. There is a site called HCG Police which reviews HCG drops.

This site reviews all HCG drops products. They have compiled a list of HCG drops that are pure and real. Frankly, I am not sure how pure they are but have heard some good news about this site.

When you go to the site there are three HCG drops brand listed on the front of their homepage. They say that his three HCG drops are best among all the brands online. They have also provided some rankings for these three HCG brands.

The rankings are not constant and they vary from time to time depending upon the votes visitors place on the brands.

For instance, the last HCG complex was ranked #1. But when I sent them an email stating that HCG complex isn’t a real HCG drop but homeopathy one they brought HCG complex’s ranking down.

Now, HCG triumph is ranked #1 and Nuimage Medical as second.

For me, this sites seems genuine enough to trust their decisions.

Final words: Get to this review site and search for the HCG brand which you are about to buy. Read what they have to say and then decide. If you have no HCG drop brands in mind then got by their top 3 recommendations.

Remarkable benefits of using the real hcg drops

Every person in recent times gets ever-increasing fitness requirements. They consider different diet plans, exercise programs and lifestyle changes with a desire to get a good improvement in their physical appearance. Once they have chosen Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet, they can get enough confidence to follow this diet. They can buy and use real hcg drops with an aim to be strong and fit as expected. All users of this diet plan in our time get more than expected health improvement within a short period. They are satisfied with a hassle-free method to get rid of obesity caused by any array of important factors like poor diet and lack of exercises every day.

About HCG

HCG is safe for both men and women of every age group with an aim to reduce unhealthy weight. You can prefer this diet plan and follow it day after day after you have understood the overall significance of reducing unhealthy fat. Sufferers of obesity nowadays seek how to be fit devoid of compromising any favourable thing in their lifestyle. They have to follow the healthy HCG diet plan and exercise daily. They will reduce their weight and improve the lean muscle mass development beyond what they have expected.

Every experienced HCG dieter in recent times suggests the best techniques to beginners to this diet plan. They understand and make certain the water weight loss in the initial stage of following this diet plan takes place as quickly as possible.  As the low sodium diet, HCG diet is recommended to everyone who has decided to get rid of obesity.  You can focus on various aspects of this diet and ensure about how to successfully follow this diet plan on a regular basis.

How to be fit within a short period

Specialists in the HCG diet these days take note of everything related to this diet and suggest this diet plan to others. As an individual with an aim to reduce weight and increase the strength further, you can directly get in touch with the diet plan expert on online and double-check how to reap benefits from the HCG diet.  Individuals who find out the truth behind the weight loss can follow this HCG diet without any doubt.  They have to keep in mind that the rate of loss of weight through this diet depends on more than a few important things. They can follow the below-mentioned guidelines and achieve the weight loss goal.

  • Stay positive
  • Comply with the HCG diet
  • Eat healthy fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise as per guidelines
  • Weight food
  • Only use the real HCG


Everyone likes to improve their fitness level and achieve their goals one after another. Once they have ensured about the overall requirements on the improvement in the fitness, they can follow this diet plan and make essential changes in the routine life. The complete specifications of this diet plan and ever-increasing suggestions to follow this diet plan in recent times increase the overall confidence of many men and women to follow this diet without any doubt.

Follow the most suggested HCG Diet and achieve the fitness goal

Every weight loss program grasps the attention of individuals of every age group with an aim to get rid of obesity. There are different brands of weight loss supplements and diet plans available and recommended by satisfied users.  As a beginner to the diet programs in the weight loss genre, you require the complete knowledge about how to choose one of these programs and reduce unhealthy weight within a short period. You will get the most excellent improvement in the overall weight and make an informed decision about how to be fit further.

HCG Diet plan

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is naturally occurring hormone in every human being. The total amount of production of this hormone is increased due to the placenta during pregnancy.  Every follower of the HCG diet in recent times gets a notable reduction in their unhealthy weight. They are satisfied with the easiest method to heal their obesity and its related health problems on the whole.  You may think about how much weight will you lose with hcg diet and enhance your physique in all the possible ways. You can directly get in touch with the HCG diet specialist and make clear any doubt related to this diet. You will get the most excellent improvement in the physical and mental health without any complexity.

Though many people have begun following the HCG diet, some people only get the best result. This is because ever-increasing requirements to stick to the diet plan day after day. The overall weight loss directly depends on the following factors.

  • How you stick to the diet program
  • Unique metabolism
  • Quality of the diet program
  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle

Make a good decision

The complete specifications of the HCG diet give you an overview about how to make positive changes in the routine life. You can take note of the foremost attractions of this diet program right now and make a good decision about how to be successful in your way towards the fitness. Almost everyone who properly follows this diet plan can lost up to 1 pound per day. They understand that the overall weight loss in the initial stage is water weight.  They can get the abnormal fat reduction subsequent to a day or two days of following this diet plan.

Different weight loss programs these days encourage sufferers of obesity to reduce unhealthy weight. They can take note of how to be healthy day after day and how to get rid of obesity without any negative side effect. They can prefer and follow this diet plan to reduce their unhealthy diet plan. They will get the most excellent improvement in the diet and make optimistic changes on their way to be healthy further.

There are many reasons behind the obesity of some people throughout the world. You can make sure about how much weight will you lose with hcg diet when you properly follow this diet plan as per guidelines. You will get 100% satisfaction and be encouraged to successfully reduce your weight on a regular basis.

Why all prefer the HCG diet and is injection safe?

At present due to the unhealthy food and work tension many fail to take care of their health. After long gap when they are going out for a party or some function during that time they would really feel by seeing their structure. That time they would think everything is over but even in that situation many taken as a challenge and followed the proper HCG diet and they had reduced their excess weight within a short time. Even many cannot able to really analysis is this all true or not? But also when there is lot of pros present in it the same equal amount minus points are also there.

Are HCG injections safe? Yes off course when some woman is planning for going to the treatment for the IUI fertility treatments. The doctor would check out the fertilization process is correct if not then for developing the ovulation cycle HCG injection plays the major role.

As well the HCG diet plan had been follows by many people to maintain their body under control. The advantages are

  • It helps for measure fat loss.
  • It would stable the blood sugar.
  • It reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  • It is used for the mark able lower health risk.
  • You can able to find out the improvement in the food allergy reaction.
  • Even many people had experienced the following improvements in their health that had helped to increase up the energy and metabolism levels.

The negative benefits of using HCG diet injection

Even though you would have multiple plus it also contains some negative features as like you can able to find the redness and swelling in the area where you had injected. This may mostly happen due to the improper administration of injections.

You might also get the OHSS it would happen when the large amount are used during extended period of time. This would happen when the HCG had been used as a fertility drug rather than for weight loss.

You would get the headache problem and this would be typically caused when you change in the food that you had in taken does not suit you. Even though you take some alternative solution there are lot of possibilities are available for you to get affected. When you have continuous headache problem then sure you would lose your happiness at one point in your life.

Then actually what to do?

After this you would even get a doubt are HCG injections safe? If you have this doubt then for getting clarification you can meet your doctor who can able to really help you to come out from this problems. When you take time to analyze the positive plus and minus before then sure you can able to know in which all the ways you can make use of the HCG diet plan and get benefits. Then without worrying about anything you can just make use of the HCG injection and start enjoying your life happily.

Importance of having HCG diet

Nowadays, everyone is just eager in following the HCG diet plan because they are the fastest growing weight loss program at present. More than millions of the users had used this and got benefited. But also when you take them in excess you would sure face lot of challenging situation in your life that would sure put you inside trouble. It would be really a hard situation for you after that to over from it. Even the doctors cannot able to explain how the HCG diets work. With its help one can able to easily reduce the pounds of weight that was still a miracle with lot of inbuilt question that remains unanswerable.

What are the side effects that you face when you have them in excess?

The side effects of HCG diet would pull you into the most typical situations. At the beginning of the diet you would get fatigue often. You may think why? Because during dieting you would not take proper water throughout the day, instead of water you would make the juice with high sugar and other caffeinated beverages. When you change your habit from the daily schedule sure you would face such kind of the problems.

The female must be aware of this it would create lot of different side effects during that stage. When you undergone this diet then you must take birth control. If you were careless then sure you would find different level of side effects.

When you take the injection in the wrong direction then you would get affected. If you are taking the injection for first time then there is a need for you to get a proper suggestion from your doctor. It is because even HCG diet injection would cause multiple of side effects.

The most common side effects of HCG Diet

  • You would get frequent headache and get tension for even small things.
  • Frequently you would get irritability and feel restlessness.
  • You would feel depressed as well as feel fatigue.
  • You would find the swelling in the feet and ankles.
  • Pain in the place where you get injected.
  • You would enter into puberty sooner.
  • You can find swelling in ovaries and painful rupture.
  • You would face multiple pregnancies.
  • Blood clot problems.

What are the common problems that you would face when you take the drug level higher? You would get indigestion problem or get your mind upset. You may get the constipation or diarrhea problem which would trouble you always and kill your happiness slowly.

Final highlights:

The HCG side effects are common for both the male and female so you must take some proper care before using them. It is because the result of this would differ from person to person. Few would face the negative side effects which is incurable. So before starting to follow the diet plan you can have a discussion with your doctor and get clarified and then start using them.

Understand the benefits of using pure hcg drops

In case, you are willing to reduce your excess weight in safest way then you can use hcg drops and human chorionic gonadotropin is famous option to use in the weight loss programs. Metabolic rate of the individual might decrease with increase of the laziness or age. For people who are struggling to reduce weight, you can use hcg drops because it can maximize burning of the calories with the swiftness. Many factors might affect metabolism rate such as growth hormone, genetics and so on. Huge numbers of the reasons are there to use hcg drops which includes increase metabolism rate, retention of muscle, fertility, tumor detection and absence of the hunger pains.

Top rated reasons to use hcg drops

People can follow hcg diet program which is useful to get dramatic results. It is considered as quick lose of weight program because it follows strict calorie restrictions. Human body is required energy in order to function properly. HCG drops can provide you energy boost which is useful to become more production throughout day. When it comes to the benefits of pure hcg drops then it includes

  • More convenient and cheaper
  • Painless and effective options
  • Improves metabolism rate which can lead to the instant fat burning process
  • Effectively minimize body weight
  • Helps suppress appetite

HCG drop is having only natural ingredients such as amino acids, maca root, rhodiola rosea, astragalus and pygeum africannum. It contains herb extract which is known as pygeum africannum and it is beneficial various health systems such as mental health, anti inflammatory properties and cancer support. Maca root is the plant extract which is used to treat infertility. Now a day most of the manufacturers are using this extract to its athletic enhancing properties. HCG drop is completely safe to use when you buy it in the trusted and authorized portal. Accelerating fat burning process is one of the main benefits of using hcg drop. This hormone is effective option to stimulate use of the energy level at your body. Once your body reduces calorie absorption then your body is having capability to limit fat formation. It can offer many distinct advantages rather than injections. This kind of the drop is painless and it might minimize appetite significantly. In a modern world most of the people can’t able to lose their weight because they might have uncontrolled appetite so using hcg drop is best ways to reduce your weight.

Advantages of using hcg drop

Excellent ranges of the reasons are there to hcg drop such as enhance mental function, natural formula, boost your immune system and might not suffer from side effects. HCG hormone plays a crucial role in maintaining overall blood glucose level at your body which might lead to stable glucose production at your bloodstream. If you are looking to select right hcg drops for your weight loss program then you must follow some effective tips which includes choose right product, look at instructions, use hcg drop regularly and combine hcg drop with your healthy lifestyle.

To know about difference between pure and homeopathy hcg drops

Human chorionic gonadotropin is hormone which presents at high levels in the early pregnancy and it could be used to treat fertility issues in men and women. Proponents of hcg diet claims that it can boost metabolism and useful to lose huge amounts of fat without feeling hungry. HCG diet is considered as the very low calorie and low fat diet. If you are planning to follow hcg diet then you must know about pure vs homeopathy hcg drops which is useful to achieve your desire results.

How differentiate pure hcg drops from homeopathy

Pharmaceutical or pure hcg drop might contain hcg hormone and once you look at bottle label then you might see only hcg hormone. It is the hormone which is useful to minimize weight. It deals with the real hcg hormone drops. Homeopathic and homeopathy drop is entirely different to conventional model of the medicine. Homeopathic hcg drop could be pure extracted form of drop which could be diluted between 60-120 times for the consumption. Injection method is mostly to hold drops under tongue about two minutes. This kind of the method might change based on type of the hcg drops. On the other hand, pure hcg drop diet plan is extremely powerful to reduce weight. With the advent of the homeopathic hcg, it is possible to administer supplement orally when compared to receive injection at doctor office. Some of the homeopathic drop could be created by the advanced technology in order to generate water based colloidal mineral solution which can provide same metabolic effects of the hormonal hcg. It is mostly used treat certain health conditions such as

  • Treating fertility problems
  • Anti aging
  • Weight loss
  • Energy increase
  • Testosterone boost

When you are planning to buy hcg drops in online then you might come across two categories of the hcg drops such as non homeopathic and homeopathic hcg drops. Both types are considered as the safe and effective HCG is found in homeopathic drops in low does which is good option to weight loss requirements. The main attractive reasons to use pure hcg drug is that exact quantity or content of hcg is mentioned and it is really useful to control your appetite and food craving. In case you are willing to lose weight very fastly and get effective results then pure hcg drop is the best choice.

Everything to know about hcg drops

Basically hcg drop is almost hormone free because it is having less amount of the hormone which is immeasurable. You can consult with your health professional before you plan to take hcg drops because they can suggest you excellent quality of the hcg drops based on your desire. First and foremost you should understand your requirements and select best hcg drops that is suitable to your needs. Non homeopathic hcg drop is synthetic blend of the hcg because it is diluted one to five times on the average. However non homeopathic hcg drop is required medical practitioner acknowledgement.

Things you need to know about HCG drops

When compared to any other weight loss programs, the HCG diet program is totally different. Actually, the HCG hormone can be assumed to help in preventing the loss of lean tissue during dieting and also in boost up the metabolic rates that help to prevent hunger. Usually, this HCG hormone can cause some reactions in the hypothalamus gland that becomes a part of the brain, which controls hunger. However, this hypothalamus can trigger to reset the metabolism, increasing energy levels, improving fat burning and also minimizing the hunger feeling. According to the scientific results, the HCG hormone is available only by prescription. Instead, the HCG drops can also be developed over an advanced technique with some ingredients, which imitate the metabolic effects of hormonal HCG.

How does hcg drops work? Actually, the HCG hormone is a pro-hormone that supports your body to deliver many hormones. According to the patient report, the HCG drops can decrease the feelings of hunger and also allow the users to be satisfied, when consume a very low quantity of food. Now, there are two types of HCG drops available such as prescription HCG drops and homeopathic HCG drops. Below are the breakdowns of both HCG drops that include:

Prescription HCG drops

  • It is only available by prescription
  • It consists of 5000 iu synthetic HCG hormone
  • Its cost is quite expensive around $400 for 46 day plan
  • Most of the online retailers provide tele-consultations to get access to prescription HCG

Homeopathic HCG drops

  • It is available over the counter
  • It consists of extremely diluted quantity of HCG and amino acids
  • Its cost is very cheap around $30 to $70 for 40 day supply
  • Its ingredients are much diluted, they are considered as zero amounts of listed ingredients
  • Some homeopathic diet drops consist of herbs and amino acids, which are said to trigger the similar response as HCG, but has no exact HCG hormone at all

Does HCG drop work?

According to clinical studies, the HCG drops or any other forms of HCG such as pills or sprays have several beneficial effects. After all, the HCG drops do not contain HCG significantly. Today, many people can take HCG drops for dramatic weight loss with a higher percentage of lost muscle tissue. This would slow down the metabolism and the dieter can regains weight continuously. They also regain the lost weight and some extra pounds as soon as possible.

Benefits of using HCG drops

Presently, the HCG supplements are commonly used by both men and women who need to lose weight without compromising the lean tissue in a process. But many of them don’t know how does hcg drops work. Naturally, these HCG drops allow the body to metabolize the stored fat more effectively that can be used for energy, especially if the dieter has trying to weight loss. However, the use of HCG hormone has been highly recommended by several weight loss doctors in all over the globe. Another report suggests that the benefit of consuming HCG hormone is a testosterone boost.

Important information about HCG injections

The term HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and now it is available in the injectable form. Basically, the HCG is a hormone that helps a normal development of the egg in an ovary of woman and also releases of egg during ovulation. What is HCG Injections? Actually, the HCG injections are used under the skin or into the muscle. It does not matter whether you can use HCG at home, your nurse, doctor or pharmacist, one should strictly follow the instructions on where and how to inject this medicine. But nobody can self inject HCG, specifically if you do not understand properly on how to use the injection and where to dispose of used syringes and needles.

If you anyone experience the signs of pain, numbness, blood clot, warmth, redness or tingling in your leg or arm, severe headache or extreme dizziness after using HCG, you should immediately call your doctor and explain your condition. In recent days, most of the women are using this medicine for OHSS condition, i.e. Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome, specifically after the first treatment cycle. Of course, the OHSS can be a dangerous condition. If you have found any signs of OHSS such as swelling of legs or hands, extreme pelvic pain, nausea, shortness of breath, stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting and frequent urination than normal, you must consult your doctor immediately.

How does the HCG injection work in pregnancy?

During the pregnancy period, the HCG hormone is created by the cells that are accountable for the development of placenta. The main responsibility of HCG hormone, specifically during pregnancy is foster the fertilized egg, after it gets connected to the uterus wall and then it supports to grow faster. Once the placenta is developed successfully, these placenta cells can give out the HCG hormones. When the embryo develops larger, the amount of HCG hormone is developed by the placenta that improves considerably. Therefore, it has been concluded that the healthy as well as normal growth of embryo during pregnancy, a continuous supply of HCG is needed.

Moreover, during early stage of pregnancy, the use of HCG injection can cause some adverse effects that would not be stopped. It may also relate to some of the pregnancy symptoms such as sensitivity of breasts, pain and queasiness. Some of the other serious side effects of HCG injections are listed below:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Abrupt in weight gain
  • Swelling and soreness of the breast
  • Discolored urine
  • Painful breasts
  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Fatigue

If any of these symptoms tend to continue for a long days, you must consult your doctor immediately and take a proper medication to avoid dangerous health effects.

How should you use HCG?

Before using HCG, first of all, one should know, what is HCG injections. This medication can be used exactly as per the doctor’s prescription. Also, do not take this in larger amounts than recommended, because it may leads to severe effects. Only, the doctor, nurse or any healthcare provider can give this injection to you and do not take it by own.

Detailed information about hcg drops

Human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone which is produced by the woman’s body after egg becomes implanted and fertilized in womb because some pregnancy hormone level test could be designed to check for presence of hcg hormone. If you are suffering from obesity related problems then hcg drop is the best choice because it has only natural and safe ingredients like niacin, L-Ornithine, Maca, Rhodiola, Pygeum Africanum and beta alanine. Recommended dosage amount of the hcg drop might vary from 1 to 30 drop based on the manufacturer. When it comes to the hcg nutritional values then it includes protein, calories, vitamins and nutrients.

Surprising uses of hcg drops

The main use of the hcg drops is that weight loss and massive numbers of the reasons are there to use hcg drops such as absolutely free from the hormones, based on the hcg diet protocol, improve weight loss radically and safe to use. In case you are having question about what is hcg drops then it is the hormone which is produced by women during pregnancy. If you are using lowest dosage of hcg drops then you can get excellent numbers of the benefits like

  • Maintain very low calorie diet
  • Metabolism booster
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Verified components
  • Natural hcg hormone
  • Quick way to lose weight

It can encourage hormonal balance in body and hcg drops is most important to maintain healthy level of the testosterone in body. Losing weight is considered as difficult task but using hcg drops, you might have easy and quickest ways to get rid of from stubborn fats. It might restrict muscle mass loss because of low calorie which is useful to get your weight loss goals. According to the studies say that hcg liquid and pills could be purchased as the weight loss supplement. If you are a pregnant woman or allergic of the hcg ingredients then you must not use hcg drops because it might produce some side effects such as depression, restlessness, fluid buildup, fatigue, blood clots. Before you plan to use hcg drops, you must consult with your health professional because they can know about your health conditions. If you are using branded hcg drops then you can get useful benefits such as hit stubborn fat, quick results, maintain weight off, attack stubborn dumps and slight to no hunger.

Things to know about hcg drops

In a modern world most of the people are searching for the best solution to weight loss and lead healthy lifestyle. Using hcg drop is one of the best ways to reduce your excess weight. HCG diet might involve low calorie plan. It is having excellent capability to melt down flabby flat deposits, drop bulging waistline, build muscles, improve energy levels, enhance healthy eating habits and lower unhealthy food cravings. HCG diet drop is effective one because of its active ingredients which includes vitamin B12, Carnitine, arginine and acid l-leucine plus. People can buy this wonderful weight loss supplement in online at lowest price.